DECEMBER 13, 2021

Have you reached presbyopia (noticeable in early to mid 40’s) and discovered that a single strength lens isn't cutting it anymore? If this is the case, progressive lenses may be required. As you become older, you'll probably need this lens more. Presbyopia is a syndrome that causes people to have difficulties focusing on surrounding objects as they get older.


Progressive lenses have prescriptions for distance, intermediate and near vision. This implies you'll be able to see objects up close, things that aren't too far away, and things that are far away. 


Multifocal lenses are another name for progressive lenses. They're a step up from bifocal and trifocal lenses. 


Progressive lenses do not have a line, hence they are known as no-line multifocal lenses. They feature a seamless appearance and are practical. 

Progressive Lens Design

>> The upper section of the lens has the prescription to help you see distant objects. (Driving) 

>> The middle section enables you to see intermediate distances. (Computer) 

> The bottom section has the prescription to help you see close up objects. (Reading) 


Progressive Are Also Available In Contact Lenses

Progressive in contact lenses are called Multifocal lenses. Multifocal contact lenses are no different from Progressive lenses on eyeglasses. It's only that they're in the shape of contact lenses. These lenses are intended for persons who have active lives and prefer to wear contact lenses. 


Multifocal contact lenses work on the same concept. Without the use of reading glasses, you can see things well both far away and up close with this contact lens design.


See our contact lens page to see what we have available for multifocal contact lenses (Click to Contact Lenses


What are the benefits of using Progressive lenses?

>> It has all the power you need in an eyeglass. Progressive lens is designed to help you see from distance to intermediate and close up. 

>> It is cosmetically appealing. There is no unsightly bifocal or trifocal line on the lens.

>> It is very convenient. Since it has all the corrective powers you need. There is no need for you to change from glasses to glasses.



The progressive lens can provide the convenience that you need to live and function today. If you need progressive glasses or multifocal contact lenses, contact us today!