Everything You Need To Know About Polarized Sunglasses


NOV. 1, 2021

                                         Photo by Christian Buehner


What are polarized sunglasses? Why do you need them?

Polarized sunglasses are specialised eyewear that reduces glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow, and glass. Glare alters the true colour of objects, making it more difficult to recognise them. Polarized sunglasses can help participants see more clearly and avoid potential hazards in particular sports and while driving.

What are the advantages of polarized sunglasses?

- Clear Vision even in a really bright environment

- Increased contrast and minimal color distortion

- Reduced glare and reflection

- Reduced eye strain


How Polarized lenses work?  


Polarized lenses contain a laminated filter that allows only vertically directed light to pass through. This virtually eliminates glare by blocking horizontally oriented light.


Depending on the material used to make the lenses, polarised lenses come in a variety of hues. Polarization levels are higher in darker colours. The most common colors of polarized lenses are gray, brown and green. 




The sun's rays can be absorbed or reflected in a variety of ways. Sunlight bouncing off horizontal objects like water, land, or a car's hood is frequently reflected back in the same horizontal direction. 


This glare creates an agitated source of glare that can induce not just visual discomfort but also possibly blinding glare. Glare has the potential to be quite harmful, particularly while driving.


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