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TOTAL 30 (6-Pack)

TOTAL 30 (6-Pack)

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TOTAL30® are the latest innovation in water gradient contact lenses. We took the technology that makes DAILIES TOTAL1® lenses so comfortable and created a monthly reusable lens with nearly 100% water at the surface. The result? Nothing touches your eye but a gentle cushion of moisture, so you can feel nothing, even at day 30.


8.4 mm base curve/14.2 mm diameter


TOTAL30® lenses use:

>CELLIGENT® Technology which helps resist deposits and bacteria by creating a protective layer that mimics the eye’s natural surface, for a clean lens.*
> Water GradientTM technology for a lens wearing experience that feels like nothing, all month long
> A gentle cushion of moisture for lasting comfort
Breakthrough design featuring a unique water gradient
Silicone hydrogel core with 55% water content for high breathability

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